Paisley Swim Dress


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What the world has been waiting for... Made with a soft Lycra Spandex This Paisley Swim dress is perfect for a day at the beach! Not only is it a great Swim Dress but also a great Cover-up! The fabric is very high quality lycra, which dries out SUPER quick! SO after a warm swim, you can wear this to have a girls night out, shopping and look adorable at BOTH Places!

It is lined with a soft Mesh to help prevent clinging. Let’s be honest, Anything completely submerged in water is going to cling unless its a heavy utility fabric used for couches! But we have added this mesh to help prevent the clinging.

It's made with a VERY High Quality Designer Lycra Spandex (Swimsuit Fabric.) Another great Plus about our Swimwear is they dry SO quickly! Don’t you hate wearing Cotton dresses to the beach and having to wait 2-3 hours to dry off? For extra modesty you can also purchase our layering shorts available on our website.

This Swimdress was created to promote more modest apparel for leisure activities, like light swimming and lounging. This dress may not be appropriate for Some extreme forms exercise and swimming activities. These dresses must be washed in cold water, and hung dry. Otherwise, they have the possibilty to shrink and get damaged.


Customer Reviews - 10 Reviews

Beautiful swim dress

I received my dress today and even though I haven't worn it swimming yet I love it! Beautiful print flattering design, and the most modest swimsuit I've ever owned. I do wish it have a bra lining but it's a wonderful dress all the same.

Beautiful dress for in and out of water

This dress is colorful and fun and I've gotten plenty of compliments on it. The netting seems to help with it sticking, although it's not totally possible sometimes given the nature of water. I've mentioned it in my blog here and have included photos:

Love this!

This swim dress is beautiful and very flattering! My girls and I love this. It's perfect.

Absolutely Perfect!

I love this swim dress! Wanting something modest and having to settle for years with something not quite to my taste; when I came upon this website, I knew this was the place for me! Well made and comfortable, the material and paisley pattern of this swim dress are perfect! This being my very first swim dress, I cannot wait to wear it for the first time. I will be telling all my modest friends about Dainty Jewell's. I will definitely be back shopping with you again! Thank you so much for offering truly modest, high quality, and affordable clothing options for women!

prettier in person

love this swim dress! cant wait to wear it to the first cook out of the summer.

Exactly what I hoped for

I love the high quality and comfort of this cute swimdress. I'm thinking this dress may turn into a summer lounge-around dress even on days when I'm not planning on going near the water! :)

swim dress

Material is fabulous! It looks like it will hold up very well and probably fits most well but it's a little big on me in the arms and it's also a little long to swim in since I'm on 5 ft. I'll have to take and have arms taken in and length taken up but other than that fits great, looks great, and is comfortable!

Love, Love, Love it!!

This was the first time I ordered from Dainty Jewels. My swim dress was just as perfect as I was hoping!!!!! Quality fabric, beautiful print and modest!!!

Beautiful modest swim dress

I absolutely love this swim dress! My fiancé and I have been planning our honeymoon to Florida, and I wanted something that I could wear to swim or walk on the beach. This dress fits both of those needs. The fit is perfect and the dress is gorgeous!