Seashells and Peonies


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Made with a soft Lycra spandex (swimsuit fabric), the Seashells and Peonies swimdress is perfect for a day at the beach! The high-quality swimsuit fabric dries super quickly, so you don't have to wait hours to dry. It also makes an amazing cover-up! After a sunny swim, enjoy wearing this cute and modest swimdress for a girls' night out and shopping, and look amazing on both land and water.

Dress is fully lined with a soft netting that is great for preventing and minimizing clinging, but keep in mind that anything submerged in water is going to cling a little. 

Due to our custom fabric dying and printing process, fabric thickness varies depending on the print you purchase.

This swimdress was created to promote modesty while enjoying leisure activities such as light swimming and lounging. May not be appropriate for some extreme forms of exercise and swimming activities. Wash in cold water and hang dry to avoid shrinking and damage. 

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COlor is vibrant

I just got this swimdress in. Maybe I was in a hurry to buy but I love the colors . It came with a belt and fits nicely ... I am a XXL and feel like i will have fun in the pool with this...